There's no cooler way to show off your love for your person than getting a video designed JUST FOR YOU. The best part is you don't need to wait until you're married to have one! In fact, if you're looking for someone to capture your proposal, an engagement session, create a (badass) Save the Date to show to your friends and family, or simply tell your unique story, we are here for it! 



Here at Bucketlist Films, we are no strangers to going against the norm and elopements. Do you want to skip the wedding day planning and focus on the real thing (you two)? Do you wanna read your vows where you first met, travel to another country, or complete your union at the peak of a mountain? The possibilities are endless and we plan on being there every step of the way!



We can honestly say no two weddings are alike. Shooting weddings has emphasized that we are here for the same reasons as our couples. While we would love to capture everyone's big day, we try to be as fair to our couples by making sure we are the right choice for you. We are untraditional by nature, we thrive on adventure, and we aspire to tell the deepest and most epic stories possible. Remember, you are with your storytellers more on your big day than most of your family and loved ones.